The AIE is here!



We are proud to announce the arrival of the much anticipated Alternative Investment Exchange.

Investors can now list all their “alternative” investments in one place, inviting offers from interested parties attracted by the increased sale-ability that comes when these investments are pooled.

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Investor Protectors to Provide Services to London Firms

It isn’t just the Investor who falls prey to fraudsters.

Identity Theft

There have been a spate of companies set up in recent years that have “stolen” the identities of legitimate companies of good standing.

Investor Protectors now extend their services to include investigatory work to undercover the persons behind theft of a company’s identity.

If your company has been a victim you will find our service of use.

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Solar 350 Invests in Columbia and Panama

Good news from Solar 350 this week as NASDAQ listed Chinese renewables investors gave the “green light” for two of our 100MW solar development projects in the S. Atacama desert, Chile. (You can learn more about this project in detail in our EIS Investors section here). Never satisfied, Solar 350’s MD Nick Dimmock set off on a mini trade mission to explore further opportunities for building renewable energy in Colombia and Panama. Read more

Renewable energy in Columbia and Panama
Renewable energy in Columbia and Panama