More Bad News On Pension Scams


Investor Protectors will continue to run stories on the subject of pension scams with regularity to enforce the message of how very real and serious this threat is.

Do not underestimate how persuasive or how legitimate sound the advice being given might be. Even a face to face visit which is proving more and more popular with scammers as a way of establishing credibility is not a cast iron guarantee your money is not simply going to go into a black hole.

If you are being spoken to about your pension and are unsure who to trust then please do get in touch and we can help you better guard yourself against the potential pitfalls.

The Daily Mail reports on the damaging effects these scams have had on people who had invested their pensions in what turned out to be nothing more than a scam.

Beware of pension scams


Beware of fraudsters, posing as investment professionals.

Significant changes to the rules around how to use your pension in retirement offer many new opportunities for future retirees. Unfortunately, the same is also true for fraudsters and criminals. As part of the new rules, defined contribution pension scheme holders can now access their entire pension fund, from the age of 55, and use it however they wish. This radical change provides you with greater freedom regarding how you can use your pension to fund retirement, but it also makes the decision a more complex one.

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