IP Services

Investor-Protectors products and services are provided with the help of verified professionals and service providers.
Whether providing Verified Communications Lines (VCL) or Enhanced Due-Diligence Reporting (EDDR) – you will always be protected.
With the assistance of The International Investing Associations Elite (IIAE) network, it is our priority to ensure that you always have a complete understanding of the product(s) or services that you wish to benefit from.
It is not always possible to rectify past investment errors, however in some cases it has been possible. This has been achieved with the assistance of members of the network and often involves more than one specialist.  We are able to assist in a number of different areas with the objective being to put control back into the hands of the investor by providing viable options when needed.
The Guaranteed Resale Assist Programme (GRAP) offers Investors a realistic valuation of their assets with the assistance in marketing their investment.  For members of the International Investing Association there are savings to be made on fees associated with listing and selling of alternative investments.
There are more specific services tailored to particular investments, please review the menu options to find out more about your particular investment.