Goldberg Management and more.

It is becoming more and more common now, scammers are searching through Companies House website looking for appropriately sounding companies of good standing but that have no customer point of contact.

This might be a company that has been set up to manage assets, or to facilitate employment or even to receive income – a company that would otherwise have no reason to advertise its contact details.

A quick google search is all the scammer needs to do to find if these contact details exist. If not, they simply register a domain name, build a website and off they go.

There are of course tell-tale signs. This particular outfit calling themselves “Goldberg Management” published no registration details on their website, only providing this information over the telephone to clients. The information they would give out actually related to a company called “Goldberg Trading & Management Ltd”, close enough for the scammers purpose.

It was obvious to us from our experience the company name had been hi-jacked and that “Goldberg Trading & Management Ltd” was as well a victim of an elaborate scam as the Investors being targeted by Goldberg Management.

The long and short of it is that the scammers are operating a recovery room scam, making huge promises of returns for money upfront. The reason for this payment invariably changes to suit. In one instance the money requested was for “formatting fees”.

If you have been a victim of this scam either from Goldberg or another name then we want to hear from you. If you are a business owner worried about being a victim of company hijacking in this way then we can help you to take steps to protect yourself from further or future abuse.

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