Help with Fine Wine

Buying and selling wine as an investment, if you know what you are doing, can yield an excellent return on investment.

For the casual investor who is acting on the advice of an enthusiastic broker, this can end in disaster.

Fine Wine as an investment has been the target of fraudsters with investors being sold wine at inflated prices and in some cases, not receiving any wine at all.

If you have bought wine as an investment and are unsure of where it is or even if it exists and would like to know exactly how much it is worth, we can help you.

Even if the wine is not worth near what you paid for it, we can help you realise greater value from your investment with the assistance of the IIA and their Wine Recovery Assistance Programme (WRAP).

Please click on the link above to find out more or alternatively please use the form below to contact us. With many wine companies in receivership the time for you to make a claim is running out.