Help Recovering My Alternative Investments

There are few investors who have not fallen foul to some form of bad investment or scam.

Investor attitudes to essentially being mis-sold or sold a near worthless product is mixed, with the majority of Investors failing to take positive steps to deal with the bad investment.

Our job has been made more difficult because of what is known as a “Recovery Room Scam”.  This is where a company will contact you offering you to help you with your investment, this always, albeit not always at first, will require you to send money in advance of seeing any money from your actual investment.

Some companies will insist you become a client of theirs (by buying another investment product) in return for help with your bad investment, help that ultimately never comes.

We can, in some cases help you recover funds from your investment, at the very least, if there really is nothing that can be done, we are confident we can help you save money, whether through tax strategies or savings on fees. Our aim is firmly to mitigate any cost of our service from previously unrealised funds or savings.

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